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Bez internetu sa mi ostávajú voľnočasové aktivity obmedzené, ale keďže nemám ako inak relaxovať, stvorila som túto drobnosť :)
Keďže nie som práve najspokojnejšia s rozsahom a možnosťami, ktoré poskytuje slovenská slovná zásoba, siahla som po alternatíve a poviedka je písaná v angličtine.
Pre tých, ktorí sú v tomto jazyku zbehlejší a skúsenejší ako ja, buďte prosím tolerantní, je to moja prvotina J Ale budem rada, ak ma na prípadné chyby upozorníte, aby som sa im v budúcnosti vyhla. Tiež ma potešia vaše názory :)

K téme, držím sa momentálne môjho obľúbeného a práve prebiehajúceho seriálu Hannibal a toto je len taký nápad, ktorý sa zrodil v prepracovanej mysli vysokoškoláčky :)

P.S: Bol problém nájsť normálny obrázok, som sklamaná.

Everyone in the room looked at her with disbelieve in a face. Alana didn´t mind. She took a look around and found people who she had known for several years, considered them friends. However their words just shocked her.

“Alana?” Jack give her warning look.

“You can´t seriously consider a death sentence.”

That idea was still giving her shivers.

“He killed numerous people, innocent people, and ate them. We sat at his table and sipped a wine while chewing a meat of the people we´re trying to bring justice,” pointed Will out.

He was trying to remain calm, but it was worthless. Emotions were digging out of his inside and anger was dripping from his voice, when he talked about Hannibal Lecter.
She knew he had a right for his reaction, he was most damaged from all of them. Hannibal manipulated him into believing he committed horrible things. Will couldn´t forgive him. He never will.

Alana looked away. They didn´t trust her either because of her history with Hannibal and of course their personal relationship. She fell for him, loved him and he manipulated her, too. He used her as an alibi, she also ate his meals and enjoyed it. These days, she couldn´t even take a look at meat. She couldn´t be in her own kitchen without memories flying back. So many little details were remembering her of him. It was painful and she was waking up in a middle of a night with screams when images of Hannibal with red eyes and blooded lips were playing behind her eyelids like a movie.

Despite of everything she sometimes felt lonely. She missed their conversations, his touches and soft tones of Lithuanian in her ears when he was whispering to her at the edge of a pleasure. She missed a man who could give her life purpose at least for a while. With him, she felt loved and desired, but they were equal, real partners or that she thought.

Alana didn´t want to see his true face until she was holding a gun, pointing it to his face. There was blood on his ever perfect shirt and he was holding a knife. More blood was dripping on the metal floor.

“Stop where you are!”

“Alana, put that gun down. I don´t want to hurt you, love.”

“Do not call me that,” she spat, but her hands were shaking a bit.

“Alana…” he tried but she stopped him.

“You are a murderer. You killed that people. All of that time, it was always you. And I believed you, I was defending you against everyone!”

“It was never my intentions to hurt you, I do not want now, either, but I will if you do not move away,” said Hannibal in low voice. He saw tiers pulling out of her blue eyes and in her face was written hurt.

In one swift move he grabbed a gun and took it from her hands. Alana tried stepped back but he blocked her way and covered her mouth with his hand. He held her against his body and he´s counting in slow motion. Hannibal felt like she was fighting a lost fight and then went numb in his arms. He put her gently on the floor and run away. In spite of his nature, Alana was one person he has no intention to hurt ever. She was only collateral damage. He hoped she will live despite of what he has done in her life.

Jack was sitting behind his desk with Will by his side. There were papers in front of him, which needed just his sign. She saw how he picked up a pen. For a shortest moment he was still and then put his sign on a line in a bottom of paper.

Alana glanced up, but remained silent. Then she stood up and went to the door. Just then she turn around.

“I want to see him, Jack,” she said calmly but resolutely.

“Absolutely not,” he spat at her.

It didn´t surprise her. She knew he didn´t believe her, but what could she possibly do? There was nothing, no chance for him.

“I have a right to visit him. You achieved your goal,” she pointed to the papers, “so could you give me that one last favour? I want to be the one who tell him,” her voice was pleading when she added silent ´please´ in her gaze.

Jack sought, but nodded.

“Thank you.”

*  *  *

It was cloudy day in Baltimor, when she rode to the Hospital for mentally insane criminals. When she was there last time, it was Will, who she was visiting. He was friend and she didn´t want to believe what they were accusing him of. Now it was different. She knew with certainty the accusations against Hannibal Lecter were true and she also believed in his guilt, but her heart was still beating hard against her chest and her hands were trembling when she grabbed the doorknob.

A guard took her to the cell and instructed her. She just nodded.

“I know the drill.”

“Just be careful, Doctor, and do not hesitate to call me, if he tries anything.”


When the guard left she sit in a chair and looked at Hannibal. He was standing in front of small window with his back turned to her. He was still, but she knew he was aware of her presence. He always knew.

“Doctor Bloom, what do I owe a pleasure of your company?” his voice was low and husky.
Alana sought. How she missed his voice.

“H-hello,” she tried very hard to stay calm and not to show her inside state, but it was worthless with him so close.

“Are you alright, Alana?” concern in his words was sincere as much as he it was capable with the Hannibal Lecter, cannibalistic murderer.

She lift her head and blue met typical maroon coloured eyes.

“Jack agreed for me to visit you, today, Hannibal,” she said, “there is something you need to know and I didn´t want you to find out from him or Will. It was favour for me. Last one.”

Hannibal came closer to the bars and looked attentively at Alana. Something wasn´ t right with her. Her scent was salty, like from tears, he smelt fear, too and in her eyes there was pain, but he didn´t know if it was of him or for him.

“Tell me.”

Alana stood up and make those few steps which were separating her from him now standing right behind the bars, fingers coupled together in calm gesture.

She drew one deep breath.

“They procured a death sentence for you. I know that after all, I shouldn´t be sorry or felt sorrow or felt anything at all, but I can´t help it. I feel it. Everything and more. I am sorry, Hannibal,” Alana said and little pearls of tears were falling down her face.

He stretched a hand through the bars and wiped them of with end of his fingers. 

“I won´t apologize for what I did. It´s who I am and now I will pay for it, obviously,” he said in firm voice, however he had no intention to die anytime in a near future, damn Jack, Will or that stupid plan of theirs.

On the other hand it also brought one thing he really wanted to him, Alana Bloom.
She caught his hand before he could took it back and held him between her palms. She was enjoying his touch, trying to feel his skin on hers these last moments she had. Hannibal let her.

“What person does it made of me, when I still love you, Hannibal Lecter?” she asked and he corners of his mouth levered up in a triumphal smile.

“It only make you human being, Alana, my dear.”

“And what am I supposed to do? My friends hate me, they are disgusted with me. I see it every time when Will look at me. Jack and my other colleagues won´t ever trust my opinion. Our relationship destroyed my career, because everyone in a field know we slept together, thanks to Freddie Launce. Sometimes I want to kill her myself.”

She had every right to be angry. In all honesty, she had no idea, what she´ll do now. Maybe she could move away, somewhere where no one will recognize her. No one will know about her associations with cannibalistic Chessepeak  Ripper. And Alana knew she couldn´t stay here after Hannibal death. 

She just couldn´t.

“How long?” he asked suddenly. She knew what is he asking about.

“Two days.”

She looked at him. He was so close and Alana pulled herself to the bars and covered his lips with her mouth in passion kiss. For one last time she wanted to feel his lips, his unique taste. Hannibal put his hand in her soft hair and breath her scent memorizing it. One day he will smell it again.

After few minutes he retreated from her and Alana still felt her lips burning from his rough kisses. She didn´t mind. She wanted to feel it forever.

“Go,” he told her then not looking at her.

It was goodbye, no long farewell.

“And Alana,” he called after her, when she was in a door. She turned around.

“Remember me the way you saw me, not the others.”

*  *  *

Two days later, execution of Hannibal Lecter failed. There was a murdered guard man in his cell. His organs were lying on a blooded floor. Ripper was back.

That night Alana found a white letter on her pillow in a bedroom.

One day I will make love to you in a hot sunrays of Spain.  

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